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The village of Chelopech is originated as centre of ancient Thracian and Old-Slavic villages before ottoman invasion. These villages were located in the country-side of Ginova hill, Selishtara, Maloselene, and Breneve. The first intelligences for the village which then numbered about 89 houses, are obtained of the official archives in the beginning of the ottoman slavery. The name of the village has Old-Bulgarian origin and according to already mentioned archives found in the town of Nikopol its was “Djelubek”, which means now and then “front private place”.
When the Slavic started in the VІІ century, in the southern slopes of mountain Stara planina many fortification villages were originated, which have guarded the Slavics against come across Thracian’s inhabitants.
During the epoch of ottoman slavery, the inhabitants of the village as well as the whole Srednogorska valley kept their Bulgarian nationality and had fighting spirit. On one or the other way they took part in the battles for cultural rise.
From the locals church recourses is believed that the St. Brothers Kiril and Metodiy were commemorated even in the far 1853.
The population of the village of Chelopech were taken active part in the emancipate Russian-Turkish war in 1877. The village of Chelopech was emancipated from Turkish slavery on 17.11.1877. Thirteen days after Russia yield possession of the conquered territories and the inhabitants of the village of Chelopech were forced to ran away from the Turkish revenge. They found shelter in the place “Lendik”, where in dug-outs they had spent the raw winter days.
On 04.01.1878 the village had been emancipated again, but this time finally.

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